Creating character one studentworkbook at a time.

iSyllabus for Schools is an Islamic studies curriculum for children aged 11 to 15. Our bespoke teaching materials raise the bar in terms of quality. We have produced a holistic set of resources for the whole Muslim community. Our informative Islamic studies resources are not just for young Muslims, rather they provide a simple and clear insight into the Islamic faith for all.

iSyllabus for Schools has been thoughtfully devised to cater for the needs of all Muslim children, whether they are home-schooled, attend a mosque or madrasa, attend a Muslim school, are members of a youth group or attend a weekend Islamic school. In addition to the workbooks, we have developed supporting material, including lesson plans, handouts, worksheets and presentations. All our material has been developed to provide Muslim educators with everything they need to teach their class.

Who We Are

The iSyllabus for Schools workbooks and supporting material have been produced with the needs and demands of modern society in mind, while at the same time keeping the rigours of traditional Islamic teachings at its core. Young Muslims face daily challenges in terms of their belief and understanding of faith. These workbooks focus on providing material that encourages students to think deeply about their faith, and to develop the ability to articulate and explain their Muslim beliefs. The workbooks are filled with diverse activities, questions and tasks to encourage students to incorporate their Islamic faith into their day-to-day lives. The iSyllabus for Schools workbooks have been written to develop strong and confident young Muslims who are clear on their place in the wider community.

Our Educationalists